The Rippling Effect of Video Games

Kaitlyn Melendez

Video game controller

Kaitlyn Melendez and Veronika Alvarez

Statistics show ( that about 91 percent of kids between the ages of two to seventeen play video games. That’s about 64 million people. What are the effects of video games? What effect does sitting in front of a TV, smartphone, tablet, or computer have?

When most people think about the effects that video games have on people, they think of the negative. Those who play violent video games are more likely to have violent thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Playing for too long makes people socially withdrawn. A decline in grade averages may occur because of this as well. Being in front of a screen for so long could possibly take away time from doing homework, studying, being physically active, or interacting with others in person. Some may also confuse the world within the game for reality and learn the wrong values.

Despite all the negative, there are positive and beneficial skills that come out of playing video games. For example, problem solving is a strategy that is very constructive. Being able to solve problems assists you in so many different ways. Hand-eye coordination has also been proved to progress. Multitasking, accuracy, concentration, and memorization are skills that are needed to play most video games. That goes to show, video games can also have positive enforcements and influences on those who choose to play them.

Have your eyes ever “hurt” after looking at a screen for so long? Most video games are quite lengthy when it comes to different tasks within the game. Trying to accomplish so many tasks could definitely have you sitting in front of a screen for a long time. What does that do to your vision? According to, some people can develop symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Those symptoms may include blurry vision, eye irritation, and light sensitivity. The pixels that draw the imagines on your television or computer screen are what cause these problems.

Posture and the weight you put on your neck and spine are also being damaged by being in front of a computer screen. For example, your bad posture can cause scoliosis. Scoliosis is an abnormal curve in your spine. This can lead to misalignment of the body because along with your spine, your shoulders, waist, and hips will move out of place. Your hips will eventually have separate problems. You might have pain in your legs and buttocks. If your case grows worse, you will need surgery or even a back brace. This is only one thing you obtain from the weight put on your back while sitting in front of a screen for so long.

Try limiting your time in front of these screens and go outside! Put aside the remote controller and go for a run with some friends. Increase your social interaction by going to the mall, playing a game, or going out with friends. Spending too much time in front of your screen will not benefit you as much as being social will.