Valentine’s Day


Stewart Butterfield

A Favorite On Valentine's Day: Chocolate

Veronika Alvarez, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is a day we spend with the ones we love. This one day is used to show how much you care and love for your “valentine”, regardless of who that valentine is. Usually, we show our affection with gifts. For example, in elementary school, we used to send out anonymous love letters to someone we had a special liking towards, also known as a crush. Of course, at that age we didn’t have boyfriends or girlfriends yet. As we got older, we started building relationships. This is usually when a Valentine’s Day gift, such as flowers and or chocolates, were good enough to show your love for someone.

As these relationships grow stronger, and the love for each other grows stronger as well, making Valentine’s Day that much better is a must. The classic gifts (flowers, chocolates) are nice, but sometimes we may need something a little different to show that special someone our appreciation for them.

Try to find common interest and see where that takes you. What does your significant other like? Make the gift heart felt. That’ll not only show your affection, but it will also show how much you appreciate them and that you actually are paying attention to them.

Perhaps, going on a date such to the movies or out to dinner could be something you have in mind. Wear nice attire, so your love knows that you have put in a lot of effort. Another possibility is to make your loved one dinner, instead of going out. Spend the night at home and watch movies, so it will just be you two, aside from spending the night with a bunch of strangers around you.

These are just a few helpful tips to make your Valentine’s Day special. Always remember: Although you should cherish your partner every day, make this one day super special.