Making Changes


Sarah Wisniewski, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School is a place of education, experience, and friendships, but sometimes we notice the flaws of our school. Beyond the learning and activities offered, certain things are still not present. The Clarion asked around and came up with the top desires HHS lacks.

To begin, the freshman class is split. Freshman, Jack Ponticelli says he wishes our school contained better water fountains. This issue has been addressed by Student Council, who raised money for a Brita water fountain to be installed in the main hallway, but the problem still remains for the other water fountains around the building. Ponticelli is grateful for the changes, but still describes the water fountains in school as, “warm and gross and disgusting.” 

While some freshmen think the low quality water fountains are the biggest flaw in the school, others in the freshman class are more concerned with the dress code restrictions. For Anna Werking, she is upset by the fact that ripped jeans are not allowed. Recently, students have been disciplined for “excessively ripped jeans.” Werking, and many other students, wish to get rid of the strict dress code, most specifically the ban on ripped jeans. 

When sophomore, Sarah Brown was asked what she would like to change about the school, she complained of the intense heat and lack of air conditioning. Many students notice the heat and often it can interrupt their concentration. Brown says, “In the horrendous heat, it’s hard to learn when you’re slipping off your seat.” With the warm weather coming in, and the end of the school year near, the lack of air conditioning will become more of a problem.

Obviously, our school is not perfect but with the right mindset and time to think it is simple to find solutions or work for change. If you find an issue within Hawthorne High School voice your opinion and get change started.