Can Our World Get Better?

Can Our World Get Better?

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

We have had some dark times lately.

Wars, hateful protests, ignorant politicians and other problems fill the news….and our lives.

We are all so blind in hate created from past battles,  that it is leading us to the road to oblivion. All this talk of a superior race, country, religion or social class doesn’t matter; we all bleed the same color.

Russia invading the Ukraine; ISIS in the Middle East.

Problems around the world and problems right here at home. America has its problems as well, with corrupt politicians who are obsessed with themselves instead of being honest and doing what is morally right for the country.

Nothing will be alright as long as we leave important matters in the hands of people who probably do not have any idea of what they are doing any more. We can fix the years of problems caused by old hate and feuds if we simply put it all behind us and look to the brighter future.

I am not saying we should forget history, I am just saying we should put all the “hate history” behind us and think with our hearts on how to live our lives, not through politics or other shady business.