The World According to Shakir: People Today

The World According to Shakir: People Today

Shakir, Staff Writer

So the election came and went.

Trump won, Clinton lost, and President Obama has two months left: Clinton and Obama may end up being the lucky ones.

Ever since the election ended, there’s been so much anger among people, on both sides of the political spectrum. This is just causing more problems in America.

The hate needs to end. The racist thoughts and discrimination both need to end as well, because things will only get worse.

Just because people hear stuff on the news about some country or heritage , they automatically hate them or make fun of them. I believe that every nationality has good and bad people; you cant just single out certain people and make them look and feel bad because of their skin color or heritage.

I think that everyone should learn how to get along and help each other. For some reason everyone enjoys doing these kind of things just because they think its funny, no matter how serious or messed up the situation is. For those that are offended only have themselves to blame.