Nintendo Needs To Make Their Video Games Better: An Opinion



Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


Ever since the 1980s,  Nintendo is a legendary video company.

Nintendo has turned video game characters like Mario, Link, and Kirby into worldwide stars that you would easily know even if you are a millennial. The classic Nintendo games are still with us in our hearts, but lately the newer Nintendo games are quite disappointing. It is like Nintendo is trying too hard to emulate their earlier games, without trying to move forward. They have even started to expand their franchises into comics, shows, toys, and movies.

In Super Mario 3D World, Bowser stole some fairies for some reason and it is never fully explained what his master plan was going to be. In Kirby, some villains were brought back and were supposed to have a change of heart, but that is never really shown how they changed their ways. Still, Kirby games have better plots then the plots of the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario.

In Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Zelda’s counterpart, Hilda, turns good after trying to destroy both worlds in a selfish holocaust of trying to make her kingdom better. The game could have had a better plot of Hilda being the villain instead of the regular Ganon routine. They always have to make the damsel the good guy instead of it being the other way around. If they followed with this idea, the game would have been much better. They could expand on the plot of the universe like the goddesses of the Legend of Zelda or the future of Super Mario.

In Super Mario, Bowser could make an actual change to a good guy after years of failing to capture the princess and rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Nintendo could make a game where Bowser becomes good when a bigger villain comes into the picture. I am just saying that having Bowser to continue to be the bad guy is getting old and you would know it’s time to give up when a plumber has been beating you for 20 years.

Kirby has a good franchise of games but they could be connected in some way that would become a good saga like Dragon Ball. They could focus on characters that have been out of the spotlight for too long, like Kid Icarus or Metroid. They could have excellent video games and plots if they are handled right. These are the ideas of how Nintendo could improve the plots of their games and stop trying to relive the past.

It is good to remember the past, but remembering too much can lead to your downfall.