An Opinion: New Year’s Resolutions Are Useless

An Opinion: New Year’s Resolutions Are Useless

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


The new year has begun with a blast of new promises and millionaire singers having meltdowns at their concerts.

2016 was a failure of a year for the world, but people are having high hopes for what 2017 has in store for everyone. People are making new year’s resolutions for 2017 in order to redeem themselves after 2016. This is a good sign of renewed faith, but will people really keep to their promises of a better life in a new year?

Some people just completely forget about their resolutions while others just do not make any at all. Seriously, at least less than half of the people who made their resolutions barely keep up their promises because of willpower, religious beliefs, or ultimatums. Truthfully, if people wanted to make their lives or the world better, they could have made their resolutions before New Year’s Eve.

They could have done it at Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or even on Labor Day. The point is that anyone can make a resolution to make themselves better on any day or hour of the week. We do not need to have a realization or a message from God at the end of the year when we could be doing it now.

You could go to a therapist or see family and friends to make a resolution to make your life better than it already is. People should really think about their lives for one moment than to make some meaningless resolution on New Year’s Eve just because of “tradition.”