Gun control: An Opinion


Reema Hassan, Editor

From the start of 2018, 18 school shootings have occurred, yet no action has been taken.

Protests have been held, voices have been heard, yet still no action. Unjustified death is a new part of our society…all due to the freedom of owning a gun.

Innocent lives are taken from innocent homes, futures of bright kids have been destroyed, and the lack of common sense gun control is the reason. According to sources, President Donald Trump turned his back on gun control. He continues to show sorrow and pity towards the victims families, yet he does not make a move to help the situation.

In Donald Trump’s own book  The America We Deserve (2000), Trump “supported the ban of assault weapons” and he also “supported a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.” Once the presidency was in his hands, he took a slight turn away from his own opinions, and went completely against them. Adding on to the madness, Trump suggested arming teachers…for self defense and for the safety of their students.

Arming teachers is not the answer.


Sensible gun control measures are.