New Locker Rules

Paul Valentin, Staff Writer

      This year Hawthorne High School has changed the protocol with student lockers. This year, they are being assigned to students. You can no longer pick your own locker. This is a big deal with most students. I personally don’t like it, but I do understand why we need this.

      The reason why we need to be assigned lockers is because of safety reasons. For example, last year teachers didn’t know which locker was assigned to which person. Also, it is a lot easier to identify whose locker belongs to who. So this way if they do any locker checks (or anything like that) they will know whose item it is. This is very important because last year you could put anything in any locker that didn’t have a lock on it and people wouldn’t know who it belonged to.

       The reason why the students, including myself, are upset is because now we are all separated. Last year everyone was with their friends because their lockers were next to each other. Now you could be next to random peers that you don’t even know. It’s not that bad but I would prefer to be next to my friends.