Air Conditioners

Hilary Castillo, Staff Writer

For anyone who has been in a stuffy classroom here at Hawthorne High School, you would know that a sweaty student has a hard time focusing. A 55 minute period feels like an entire year in a hot and muggy classroom.

The students start getting tired and lazy and they don’t want to do anything. They also tend to get migraines because of it leading to arguments with teachers. Teachers tell them to pick their heads up and they groan and complain. It’s been such a problem the past few years of because of how hot it is.

Well I have a solution to all these problems!

First, having the school install air conditioners can avoid the brain drain that is happening to the students. Yes this comes with a big cost, but it will be worth it in the end to have these for the students and teachers. It will make teaching a lesson a lot less stressful.

The school is wasting a lot of money because some of the supplies in school for example, like in the art rooms, tend to get dry because of the humidity or even stop working. I feel as if there should be at least used air conditioners in every classroom. It’s way cheaper and better for a lot of students. People could also donate their old air conditioners to the school.

Having air conditioners installed to each classroom will make the the students focus better. It will have a huge impact on the school and it will make a big difference!