Liam’s Corner: Halloween (Hopefully the Final One)


Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

Halloween has always been known as a time for horror, monsters, and scary movies. Most of its history has been inspired by the idea of monsters, demons and serial killers. Unfortunately, the love for horror movies has died out as nothing new and original has managed to bring back the flame that attracted film-goers to the movie theater. The “Halloween” movies tend to be the victims of capital greed and never-ending sequels. However, the franchise could be the first out of many others to finally receive a good, permanent ending to its story.

The newest “Halloween” movie will have the first girl, Jamie Lee Curtis, square off against her brother for what seems to be the final time. Decades of resentment and anger will lead to a final battle of epic proportions. This could become one of the most famous movie finales, if it is done right. In order to have it done right they have to remember one thing. DO NOT MAKE A SEQUEL TO IT!

Horror movies like “Friday the 13th” or “Nightmare on Elm Street” were good when they came out. Sadly, it always enrages the audience whenever the killer comes back for a last scare. If the movie ends with Lee’s character defeating Michael and finally happy, then let it end. There is no reason to keep beating a dead horse for the hope people are stupid enough to support Hollywood’s greedy plans.

The world would be a better place if studios listened to their fans instead of their pockets. The fans are what give movies their power through online support, petitions, fan bases, and love. Without it, the movie industry would fall apart.