Changing Storms and Temperatures: Mother Nature’s Wrath


Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

The weather has been displaying strange patterns this year.

In summer, there was intense heat and nonstop rain. In the fall, it was freezing on one day and hot on the next day. 

Scientists have explained that these drastic changes are due to global warming and I agree with them. Mother Nature is sick of being pushed around and is now fighting back with fury. There have been a lot more hurricanes and natural disasters this past year than ever before.

Last year’s season ended with 10 hurricanes and six major hurricanes that devastated nearby communities. There was even a volcano eruption in Indonesia. Even Yellowstone’s volcano (the Caldera) is having its threat levels rise due to the planet’s changes and the fear of it erupting like the other volcanoes is real.

Tsunamis and tidal waves have brought large ships down. Also, the idea of Antarctica melting and causing a worldwide flood has people preparing for the apocalypse. These events have shown us that we cannot ignore the problem anymore.

If we want our civilizations to survive, we must order mass evacuations in areas where tropical disasters will strike and cause the most destruction. Countries must put aside their current feuds and come together to solve the pollution problems. People have to stop using gas products and cars, in order to fix the ozone layer. The government should start using martial law in order to force people to change their irresponsible polluting ways.

It is time for the human race to become more aware of the planet’s needs and return to its simpler times where we did not rely on coal-fueling machines. If we do not want to become farmers or join the Amish, we must use electric or solar powered machines. There are many ways to help the environment. The problems is that we do not listen to others and only succumb to change when we are forced to or when our lives are in danger.