Liam’s Corner: Thanksgiving Plans

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Liam’s Corner: Thanksgiving Plans

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there are only 4 days of it to celebrate. 5 days if you count Wednesday as a half-day.

What will your Thanksgiving plans be?

You could go to your local shopping mall and buy tons of stuff to represent your holiday spirit. Remember though, Thanksgiving is just as materialistic as Christmas since the holidays are close to each other. You could spend time with your family taking walks though the woods, going to a festival, or making pumpkin pie.

You could just binge on Netflix and spend the entire weekend watching television with your loved ones.  There are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, some that bring us together and others that involve binge watching a television series alone.

No matter what way you celebrate the holiday, it brings people together and makes our country a better place. Also, we all must remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

It is to celebrate the one day where our ancestors did not attack any native Americans and had a peaceful dinner with them.

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