Liam’s Corner: Baby Week


Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

Next week will be baby week at Hawthorne High School.

Kids from health class will have their own baby doll or bag of flour to care for. The babies may be inanimate objects, but they are important for grades and graduation. However, if the babies were real ones, the students would not be able to handle the pressure. The constant crying of the children would drive them crazy and make them start to cry. There is also the diaper situation that can scar them for life.

Let’s not even talk about the financial burden a baby brings. Debt for students would sky rocket. Babies are cute, but they are only for the hard-willed and the well-rested.

The project is meant to show students what true responsibility is and to give them an education on how hard it is to raise a child. 

It certainly made me think of the difficulties of raising a child. It is heroic for parents to raise kids because a good kid is made from their sweat, tears, and blood.