How Advertising Is Brainwashing Us Into Consumerism and Addiction.

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How Advertising Is Brainwashing Us Into Consumerism and Addiction.

Samira Cortes, Staff Writer

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Imagine this: you’re taking a walk around your neighborhood.

You get home and sit on your front steps. Ask yourself: how many times did you see an advertisement or walked by one? Probably more than once right?

Advertising is everywhere. Its outside, online, on buildings, on the sidewalk, literally anywhere. Our society is based upon this idea of consumerism. We need things to survive. Whether it’s food, clothes, blankets, furniture. You either need to buy it or simply want to buy it.

But you see that isn’t the truth. We’ve been brainwashed to think this way.

Money, Money, Money, at the end of the day it’s all about the money. The world is run by money and our desire to have it. We all want to live a lavish life. We all want to be rich. We all want money for different reasons. Whether we want to be able to provide for ourselves or our families. You see ads use a variety of tricks, sorry I mean techniques to influence the person watching. They try to evoke positive memories and emotions that affect our behavior over time. It reaches a subconscious level of the brain that eventually prompts us to want what the ad is selling.

For example there usually is an actor looking at the product with a happy face. This triggers mirror neurons in our brain that prompt us to mimic the expression of the person we are looking at. You may not think you can be influenced so easily. But the truth is we are extremely easy to influence.

Basically, we are all being brainwashed into this lifestyle of consumerism. Which is like an addiction.                                  


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