Liam’s Corner: Us…The Beginning of Horror’s New Golden Era



Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

Jordan Peele’s new hit horror movie, Us, has just come out in theaters and is already making waves in the film industry. The unique method of story-telling, the strong plot, and the dedicated fan base has raised a new standard for horror movies.

In the past few years, many new horror films have come out that have gained huge cult followings and dedicated fans. Horror films like You’re Next, Get Out, and the rebooted film IT won over people, not because of its improved plot or more humanized characters, but because they are giving the people what they want.

Entertainment and epic showdowns! People are sick of the constant jump scares and brief images of monsters thrown together by lazy editors and cheap producers. People want to see brave characters who stop running away from the threat and confront it.

Everything has a weakness, and that is what we learn from Jordan Peele’s movies. They outdo the old boring horror movie tropes and excite audiences. People are even begging for a sequel! If other movie directors and producers take note of this, then maybe the future of horror films will be saved after all.