Amir’s Thoughts: My Hawthorne High School Experience


Amir Almaidani, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School has taught me many lessons. Throughout my four years attending, I have noticed many things that I have done differently throughout the years. Through freshman, sophomore, junior, and now senior year, I have noticeably changed.

Going into my freshman year, I was nervous for the changes that were about to come. I did not know what to expect from the school: for the first few weeks I would get lost around the school. And as if my nerves were not running wild enough, keeping up with school work was just an added stress. I was never given this much work before and I was almost unable to stay on task and keep pushing through. I had to become more mature and realize I had to get my work done.

Sophomore year came around and I was still a little nervous, wondering if there would be a lot more work, new faces, and getting used to new teachers. By now I had the location of the rooms memorized and I had begun to feel more at ease with coming to school. I was not worried about getting lost anymore. A bigger concern was still keeping up with my work; however, I pushed through and did it. By the end of my sophomore year, I had realized I was half way done. Sophomore year I had learned the things I was capable of, such as getting my work done.

Junior year was as quick as every other year. Last year I was less worried about my work. This is because it had become easier. Getting used to the way of the school was the most important part. By now I know most of the teachers, I know how the school works and I know my way around. The only problem, was that I was anticipating senior year, the most fun and stressful year. During my junior year I had realized that I should not waste high school, and try a little bit harder senior year.

So far, senior year has been very stressful, but it has also been very fun. My work is not as hard anymore, I know all my teachers, and I found ways to make school fun. I had made school a better environment for myself by learning to go with the flow and just enjoy the rest of my time in high school. Senior year made me realize how fast time can go by, I learned to manage my time, as well as enjoy my time. As much as I want to leave, I will always remember how the school changed me.