Chris S.: Why Education Is Important


Christopher D Simmermon Jr., Staff Writer

A great goal to have in life is to get a good education. I know, many of you are shouting out, “But I hate school!”

And I get it.

But what we all need to understand, is that getting a good education will make you a better and smarter individual. It will open you up to new things and experiences. Many opportunities will arise as well.

Take me, for example. I worked very hard to get to where I am today. I worked hard and now I am a part of the National Honor Society.

I’ve always tried to improve the community, something I continually do. A part of that is having good knowledge and good character: which can come from a solid education.

Overall having a good education can open a whole world of opportunities. So, remember the next time your teacher or parent asks you if have you completed a homework assignment, rethink your choice of whether or not you did it, and go big.