The Fall Pep Rally Rocks HHS: An Opinion


Anthony Bertollo, Staff Writer

For a lot of students, high school can make us feel socially divided with numerous cliques and gossip. However, whether you’re involved in countless clubs and sports, cheering in the student sections, or just going through the motions, nothing brings us all together like the fall pep rally.


Prior to the start of this thrilling event, many students from each class got together in the gym and displayed posters, in their respective sections, either created by themselves or their peers. After all the displays were completed, the entire student body and teachers were called down to the gym and once everyone settled in, the pep rally was ready to rumble!


To kick things off, Mr. Warner and Mr. McMann stood front and center on the gym floor, sporting backwards hats and sleeveless tank tops, very unusual attire for any teacher. They then proceeded to call out all of the classes, with the freshman being booed with no mercy and the seniors jumping up and down cheering at the top of their lungs. 


After the dust settled, it was time to announce the varsity athletes for each fall sport. One by one, one or two seniors from each sport stood at the end of the line of cheerleaders, calling out the names of their fellow teammates while the student body clapped in support of their peers. 


As the senior who was chosen to have the honor of calling down the boys soccer team, I felt the pride and school spirit around me every time I called out the names of my teammates. On top of it being the first pep rally I was ever a part of, it was an experience that I’ll never forget. 


Once all was said and done, our marching band played us out, as the student body exited the gym one by one.


At the end of the day, whether you dislike school or not, there’s no denying that the atmosphere and energy of the fall pep rally is enough to bring us all together as one, even if it’s only for a little less than an hour. It’s hard not to enjoy the excitement of our fellow students cheering on their friends or others running through the line of cheerleaders as they get called down to join their teammates. 


Word on the street is that a winter pep rally may be in the works later this year. If that’s the case, no matter who you are, get your blue and white gear ready because the fun has only just begun.