Senior Lunch: Should We Change It?

John Mateus, Staff Writer

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Senior lunch has always been a perk for seniors. 

Getting out of the school on your own accord is an exclusive luxury. There are a few problems though. With traffic and longer wait times for places to get your order, it may feel tedious to have senior lunch and come back in time for your next class. Is it potentially time for a change?

Hawthorne High School used to have lunch periods that were the same amount of time as a regular class.  Seniors were allowed 55 minutes of time to have lunch outside of the school. All of that changed when split lunches were introduced.

Split lunch classes were implemented because there were too many students in the school to have one period of lunch.  This resulted in having ten less minutes for lunch time. Students now have 45 minutes to have senior lunch for the day. With that change, seniors have less time to go out for lunch and get back to class on time.  

The problems with senior lunch is evident, but there isn’t much to do about changing senior lunches besides going out to eat earlier.  Adding extra time for the split lunch periods would mess up afternoon classes. Merging the two lunch periods into one hurts everyone’s schedules. Giving more lunchtime specifically for seniors would be unfair for other grade levels.