Food: An Opinion


Karder Coy, Staff Writer

In today’s society, there are many different cultures in the United States.

Many of those cultures have influenced our food choices. These choices can range anywhere from Italian, to Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and many more.

To investigate the range of cuisine experienced among the population in our school, The Clarion has interviewed a number of teachers with the following two questions:  What is your favorite restaurant and what are your favorite dishes?

During our travels around Hawthorne High School, The Clarion interviewed five staff members:


Ms. Wright: “My favorite food is Veal Picata, from Villa Rosa right here in Hawthorne…it is delicious!”

Mr. Van Winkle: “My favorite restaurant is Popeye’s Chicken…I love the chicken tenders, the onion rings…give me them and I am a happy camper.”

Ms. Maher: “My favorite food is eggplant parmigiana.”

Ms. Irvine: “Without a doubt it is the chicken francese from Piazzano’s Restaurant or chicken parm from Lassoni’s Restaurant.”

Donna Morgan: “My favorite is the oriental chicken from Applebees.”


As you can see, some of our teachers’ favorite dishes draw from different cultures such as Italian, Chinese, American, and many more.