Quarterly Assignments: An Opinion

Quarterly Assignments: An Opinion

John Mateus, Staff Writer

Students all over HHS were shaking in fear whenever final exams rolled around. These finals were very intimidating and caused students immense stress. However, when news broke out about finals being replaced in the 2019-2020 school year, the entire student body felt a sense of relief. 

Quarterlies are assignments that are worth 15% of your grade. Most quarterlies are assigned at the end of the marking period. Every class you take would have a quarterly assignment, which vary, depending on the subjects you have. 

Usually when finals occurred, you would study everything that you learned from the school year. Study guides from teachers were also very helpful since they gave an overview of what was primarily on the final exam. However, quarterlies do not provide the advantage of reference sheets since a lot of them are projects. 

Although quarterlies appeared to be an effective replacement for finals, they actually cause more stress to students since they are constantly worried about their grades dropping.