The Field Rests


Jack Farnum-Huelster, Staff Writer

The Field has officially fallen aslumber until the Spring. Please, do not disturb him; For he has had quite a busy year so far!

Another year of being relentlessly trampled on by the cleats of the football players, both home and away..

Another year of being marched on by the Marching Band, listening to the same pleasant tunes and monotonous practice drills months on end..

Another year of being smothered in soccer balls, watching as the boys soccer team hopelessly scores a 5-13 W/L record for the season. The Field is ultimately unconcerned though, because the girls soccer team did quite better ending the season 12-8.

The Field does this same routine every year. He is used to it by now, but it all still takes its toll by October’s end. He can only take so much before he must rest in anticipation of what comes next for him. So like a squirrel retreating from the Winter cold in the depths of a Northern Red Oak, so too does the Field retreat from the Winter when it becomes too cold and unpleasant for anyone to bother using him for their activity. As his hibernation begins he is smothered in the massive, oddly uneven white tarp we all see every year.

Why does he need the tarp, I wonder? Is it to protect himself from the elements of the winter? Is it to protect himself from the fecal droppings of birds? Perhaps it’s something related to the grass that makes up his being? Regardless of what the white tarp is for, I am certain of one thing. The tarp is his blanket – the symbol of his much needed resting period.

If you can find the time in your day to do so, give a thank you to the field and all he has done for us. He has most definitely earned his months long rest after all he has been through, wouldn’t you say? But don’t fret; he will be back just in time for Lacrosse!