Best SUV: An Opinion


Jesus Lozano and Kristopher Miller

Are you starting a family? Do you prefer extra space in your vehicle?

An SUV would be a great option, but whenever someone thinks of  it, they picture a very big, hard to drive and not practical vehicle. Don’t get us wrong: a sedan or any other type of vehicle is always nice, but once the snow comes how in the world will you deal with it? Do you really want to sit there stuck in the snow when you can be whipping around in a fat SUV? On top of that you can also attach a snow plow to the front AND MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY!! 

Now we will be getting into some great options for your money. After much research, some great deals on a few different options were found.

The first option we are going to start off with is a 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe. We found one for $15,000 (which if you had a $20,000 budget) you would have $5,000 left over for maybe some service and other costs. This model comes equipped with a tow hook so you can attach a trailer of some sort. My family use to attach our boat trailer to the back so we could transport the boat back and forth. This particular model also has a bug guard equipped so you won’t be getting all those bugs on your windshield. Also, most Tahoes come with V8 engines so you have a lot of power under the hood. 

For the next option that we have found, a 2016 Ford Explorer XLT is a solid choice. This car specifically goes for $22,000 and it comes with 40,000 miles on it. Just like the Tahoe, the Explorer is an American built vehicle. This car comes with a V6 engine in it, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive so when the snow comes, you know you’ll have no problems dealing with it. The Explorer is also pretty spacious and I can say that from a personal point of view. So don’t you worry about those trips to the beach, because you’ll have plenty of space for the family to ride comfortably.

Now we are going overseas to our friends over at Toyota for their great and reliable vehicles. The SUV we will be looking at is a Toyota 4-Runner. This model is a 2005 which is good when it only has 62,000 miles and comes at a price of $12,000. You will be sacrificing your engine for a V6 which still is good, but not as much horsepower. But it does come equipped with a tow hook and will be a great car for anyone who wants to get into off-roading. This is a good budget option if you are on a budget. 

For our next car we have the Nissan Rogue. This model specifically is a 2019 with 8,178 miles on it. That is crazy low for a used vehicle. To top it all off, this car goes for only $19,800 which is pretty low for the vehicle you’re getting and its features. This car is very spacious for a family of 4-5 people and it drives very smooth, I can say that from personal experience. Even though this car does not bring a big powerful engine like the V8, it makes up for it by being amazing on gas, which is just another reason why it is one of (if not the) number one selling SUV.

After taking a look at all the options my partner and I have provided for you, we hope that we have helped you find the perfect car for you and/or your family.