An Opinion: Online School Beneficial?

Jacqueline Caraballo, Staff Writer

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Corona virus many schools are taking precautions and are  shutting down, Hawthorne High School is one of them.

However, in order to keep on track with the scheduled graduation date, Hawthorne High School is making students take their classes online. For the next two weeks students will have to sign in with their student ID on a separate link found on the school website to maintain their attendance and then proceed to do work assigned by their teachers for the day.

However, the way this whole online school is working varies from class to class: some teachers are using Google Classroom while others are using a more visual approach and having a video chat with their respective classes. While the benefits of having students do their school work online and not fall behind are: students can work at their own pace, students have the luxury of taking quick breaks when they feel necessary, students can get their work done without being distracted by fellow peers, and so forth.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that this method is a perfect solution. There are quite a few negatives to this method such as students getting headaches from the constant staring at a screen, getting overwhelmed from the amount of work assigned per day, also a change in the drop schedule meaning we have to worry about eight classes a day rather than our typical six courses a day.

There are so many pros and cons to this method of schooling: however, as of right now, it is for only two weeks and hopefully for only two weeks.

With the students and staff well being the number one priority right now, let’s hope we will be back in school after these two weeks are up and hope we do not have to extend the digital schooling method as most teachers want to go back to teaching in person and most students want to be able to hang out with their friends in school again.