Mr. Van Winkle is Related to Harry Styles: Confirmed


Harry’s Fish or Mr. Van Winkle??

Giana Innocenti, Editor

During this school year, I have discovered that Mr. Van Winkle has a love for a famous singer who was previously in a popular band named One Direction.

This artist goes by the name Harry Styles. If you don’t know already, he is an English singer, songwriter, and even an actor.

I’ve recently been hearing about the tickets Mr. Van Winkle has gifted to his daughter for HarryWeen in October of this year and how much he would like to have Harry as a part of his life. He loves his music and has admitted to listening to it quite a lot.

Now, since I’ve noticed the love that is present, I decided to dig deeper and do some research about the two. I wanted to attempt to build a relationship between them. As I was researching, I started to slowly realize Mr. Van Winkle and Harry Styles are very similar in facial features and with their looks.

I decided to go deeper into researching…

Until, I finally figured it out…Mr. Van Winkle is actually cousins with the fish featured in Harry’s music video, “Adore You.” Therefore, the fish is also related to Harry, making it true…that Mr. Van Winkle and Harry Styles are long lost cousins.

Here’s to the newly anointed cousins…Mr. Van Winkle and Mr. Styles!