The Re-Opening of the United States


Connor Loll, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has been a huge set back for the United States and everything we had going for us. Our president, Donald Trump, suggested that we should make a decision to re-open the U.S. or keep it on lockdown for a little while longer.

I have heard many rumors about some states opening up because they haven’t been hit as hard with COVID as some states have been like New Jersey or New York. I heard these rumors regarding states like South Carolina and Georgia. However, many people don’t follow safety precautions, and as soon as these states open up again, many people in the highly affected COVID-19 areas are going to fly or drive to those places. I cannot say if they are going to stay there or not, but I believe that they want to go up to these states until everything settles down. In my opinion, this will go very wrong and I think that someone from the highly affected COVID areas will unknowingly bring COVID-19 over to these states and start an outbreak in that area.

The best option is the smartest one. This option is to let everything cool down before you go on re-opening states. Like my Dad has told me multiple times, you must walk before you run, in this case he should be saying that to the governors and our president. I know our government is extremely smart, but at this very moment I’m not seeing the total examination of the effects of what they are trying to do. How do they know opening everything up will stop people from catching the virus?

Maybe this will work out and everyone will remain social distancing until COVID-19 is off the radar, but what are sporting events going to be like? Everyone in the stands are closer than 6 feet apart. It seems like the only way to keep this from happening is not letting fans go to the games.  In sports like basketball and football you will most likely always be within 6 feet of the person you’re guarding. Does this mean the defensive players won’t be able to play defense anymore?

This virus is highly contagious and it is really taking a toll on normal life in the U.S. The best way to stop all this madness is to try finding a cure but until that time comes, we need to remain 6 feet apart.