Anthony’s Corner: Sports Article


Anthony Puluse, Staff Writer

You know about the greatest time of my life? I just can’t wait for this big thing tonight. I’m so excited to go for our very first high school football game of this year. As of one reason I’m going to discuss, I’m absolutely sure that we’re going to bring back what we have just got started. I was so waiting for that to come back, and we’re just looking forward to it.

I’m also sure that as our home game, we’re going to play against Saddlebrook. And I’m also sure that we’re going to start our turn for the halftime show with a bang. And also exciting is this first game is  Homecoming.

The marching band competition will follow on Sunday in Midland Park. Then the next home game, we will be playing against Pompton Lakes. Then, I think, our last home game, we will be playing against Harrison.

I’m so enthusiastic about our first football game in high school. I’m sure we’re going to win, actually I think that’s likely to happen this year during our pandemic, as long as it is written in Mr. Williams’ schedule for marching band.