Anthony’s Corner: My Band Article


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A vector silhouette illustration of a marching band performing wearing their uniforms.

Anthony Puluse, Staff Writer

You know about me, right? I’m a musician, and I take concert band class, and I have known a lot of friends who are also great musicians, and we’ve done all the things that a musical friendship could be like.

Marching band is one of my classes for music. I’m in the front ensemble where we see that there’s a xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, auxiliary, etc. For short, it is called the “Pit”. Marching band also plays during football season mostly when we hold part of halftime shows. But during game time, we play stand tunes even though we love playing music. Marching band also plays at competitions, and that’s all that I needed to know.

According to this year, we are now going only to three home games. One is at a homecoming event on October 2, which is playing against Sattlebrook. The others are going to be October 16, which are playing against Pompton Lakes, and October 30, which are playing against Harrison.

Concert band is a kind of music subject for in-school practice. We usually practice for a Winter Concert, and Spring Concert. And we also play for Graduation Day.

Speaking of Spring Concert, they also include Jazz Band. Jazz Band is also one of my favorite music classes.

Finally, every Spring Musical needs a band below stage, and that’s why I also take Play Orchestra. You know, somebody needs a percussionist like me, and I indeed do awesome at that.

Those were all of my wonderful selection of musical stuff I’ve taken in High School. I sure hope there’s upcoming events for other musical stuff, too.