Final Presidential Debate: An Opinion


Lili Fieldhouse, Staff Writer

The last 2020 Presidential Debate took place on Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The last debate, to say the least, was unorganized and unprofessional for two adults who are running for President of the United States. Taunts and overtalking summed up that debate, which made it clear to The Commission of Presidential Debates that they needed to pursue changes for debates that follow. 

The second debate was canceled after President Trump tested positive for Covid-19 and refused to partake in a virtual debate. 

President Donald Trump and nominee Joe Biden faced off on Thursday to discuss their viewpoints on the current issues in America while trying to prove themselves as the better candidate. Kristen Welker moderated the debate, and stayed firm, and made sure to keep order with segments which made it easier for viewers to follow along with the nominees. About 63 million viewers tuned in to watch this week’s debate, which is a drop from the 73 million viewers from the previous debate in September. 

For Thursday’s debate, a mute button was enforced and was to be used if the candidates disrupted each other within their 2 minute talking period for each segment. 

Throughout the whole 90 minute debate, the mute switch was only used once.  Although there was still some crosstalk between both candidates, at least you could clearly distinguish one´s words this time. 

Election Day is tomorrow….

Who will be our next President?