Bathrooms Should Include Toiletries


Victsi Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Talk about female empowerment… 

A female goes through the process of hormones…and during puberty, hormones increase. Every female needs a pad/tampon while on their cycle to protect themselves. When one goes through their cycle it’s a consistent change throughout pain and feelings.

Let’s say a girl gets her period while in school and they go to the nurse and they don’t have pads on hand and the time is limited to even be able to go to the nurse…and then embarrassment is starting to kick in.

The female students should be able to purchase their needs straight from the school bathroom. It’s easier and quicker and limits the time out of class. These toiletries, like pads,tampons,wipes etc should be of easy access to girls.

Being a girl is hard and many don’t understand the struggle of a menstrual cycle and the embarrassment that comes with it. Adding a vending machine (like some schools in NY) to the girls bathroom would be such a great advantage and upgrade and I know so many girls would be thankful for it. 

Leaving class to go change your pad can be a struggle and walking all the way to the nurses office is such a waste of time when the bathroom is just down the hall and easy to access.This time affects our education and how we manage it. The average time girls use to go to the bathroom because of their cycle is from 5-10 mins, and adding extra time to go to the nurse is even worse. As one says, it’s easier said than done. The approach of toiletries is very common in other states and could be a big change for Hawthorne High School in such a great way.

Boys should partake in this too. The boys bathroom should also have a vending machine with what fits their needs.Things like deodorant , hair gel and wipes should be accessible for the boys, like after gym ( as a sanitary demand). Boys have necessities equally as high as the girls do and deserve their share in the vending machine process.