Natalya Batista, Staff Writer

In most schools there are uniforms that are mandatory for students to wear.

Here at Hawthorne High School there is not a specific wear that students have to put on for school: students get to come to school dressed how they want, but obviously appropriately.

In my opinion I feel like our school should have uniforms…why, you may ask?

I say this because students at Hawthorne High School should represent our school and have some type of wear to come to school in. Sometimes I walk past offices, classrooms or through the hallways and see students getting dress coded or needing to change because they wanted to wear something that possibly is not appropriate to wear on school grounds.

I feel like it can be tiring for the teachers and faculty to have to dress code students all the time and having to send students home to get changed, because they came to school wearing something that is not allowed. This creates another problem: what if there’s a student whose parents are at work and no one is home and they have no one that can bring them in extra pair of clothes?

That’s why having uniforms is way easier then having to deal with any of those circumstances. Another problem I noticed is that there are some judgemental students who may make fun of some students clothes or just bash them for what they wear…having uniforms will cut that all out, because the students will all wear the same thing and be equal and feel like one.

In general, having uniforms is just easier for everyone and mainly students in general. I even came across students who complain about wearing their nice clothes to school because there is nothing else they can find and there’s even students who have to wear their nice clothes that they probably wanted to wear on the weekend instead of having to wear it to school.

Speaking from experience, I was even late to school on a few occasions because I did not know what to wear. Although it is also nice to not have to wear uniforms and be allowed to wear whatever you want, it would be nicer and easier to have uniforms.

Our uniforms should represent our school logo and mascot.. Maybe the shirts should have a bears sign on a white polo shirt or regular white shirt and either some navy blue pants, black pants or even cacky pants.. something simple that can represent US.

We need our UNIFORMS.