We Need EXTRA Time Between Classes: An Opinion


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Full length portrait of a female student with clock late for class, isolated on white background

Natalya Batista, Staff Writer

In the beginning of the school year there were no school bells.

Students had to be responsible to know what time their classes started and be able to get there on time with no bells. The point was for students to be able to be responsible and have responsibility; as we students get older and are out in the real world we won’t have people telling us constantly and reminding us where to go, the time to go, and the place to go…our responsibility is to be able to know and do things on our own.

That’s why there were no bells…the school was preparing us for the future. While that was an amazing idea, there were a few issues…some students took advantage of this, going to class late.

So the bells came back…and now many students are finding that the 4 minutes given for passing time between classes, is just not enough.

Halls get crowded, everyone is rushing trying to get to their class, there are people pushing and shoving…it can be a mess. Which is not fair, especially right after lunch, everyone is leaving lunch and people are going insane and rushing around.

The teachers can’t expect students to be in class right when the bell rings, or to be early, we have little amount of time and it’s not fair. We need more time to get to our classes.

Speaking from experience there are times where I’m late and teachers still mark me late even when I try to explain to them why I’m late and they just don’t understand. My classes are all over the place…they’re on different floors and different sides of the building so I can’t always be The Flash and get to my class in the 4 minutes provided.

I usually sit in the gym and have lunch there, that’s where most students have their lunch…once lunch is over everyone is rushing and pushing to get to class and I can’t make it before the late bell rings and I get stressed about it all of the time.

Three lates equal an absent and if I continue to be late and all the lates add up, it won’t be good for me …we students need extra time to get to class!