Virtual Learning 2022: An Opinion


Kayla Vlashi, Staff Writer

With the new year beginning (yay 2022!), Covid cases in Hawthorne had continued to rise throughout winter break resulting in a week of virtual learning.

When the pandemic first began, all students were excited to be participating in at home learning, as that sounds relaxing and much easier than in person school..right?

What we thought was two weeks turned into two of our school years flying by. Where did the time go?

For some of us we have a harder time learning and doing work remotely, and for others it is a breeze. Personally, the thought of going virtual again had scared me, thinking that the one week could turn into more, and the time I had left in high school would be spent sleeping through classes and being overwhelmed with work that seemed way easier to complete in person.

Learning through a screen may have been easier to others, but I know plenty of students who find it difficult, and couldn’t wait for this week to end. Especially being such a social person and feeling better being out of the house and being productive, being back is super refreshing for me…although I did enjoy my break and the snow. I asked some of my fellow students and here’s what some had to say about our week online. 

“It was alright, it went better than I expected.” -Domenica Almeida

“I personally thought virtual school was a good change from physical school for a bit, it gave me some extra time to re-energize.” -Dylan Seitz 

“It’s not the worst thing in the world if it’s keeping people safe, but I’m definitely happy to be back in person.” -Lindsay Masters

“It was the same as it would be in school, but honestly I started slipping into my lazy tendencies. I prefer learning in school. -Daniel Tran

“Although it wasn’t terrible, I’m so happy it was only one week. I’m glad to be back in school. Being online made me more tired and unmotivated in comparison to being in person.” -Marifel Miguel 


Even though all of us here were affected by online learning differently, I think we can all agree that it’s nice to be back. I hope everybody had an amazing winter break and is staying safe during the rise of cases!