Why Should Students Be In-Person and Not Online


Maria Nunez, Staff Writer

Sadly, as everyone already knows, Covid (as spurred on by the Omicron variant) cases are rising once again.

As a result of this, many schools had to go virtual right before the holiday in December, while many others went remote right after the new year.

Some schools decided that going virtual was not necessary and decided just to go to school for half days. But for those that did go virtual (such as the Hawthorne School District), it is something no one wanted.

Many students would rather be in person than online. 

In person learning is better for everyone. Students clearly enjoy it more than being in front of their computers (and at home) all day long. Many students feel unmotivated since they are at home and there is no teacher to keep them on task or see what they are doing. Yes, it is nice to stay home and be comfortable, but it isn’t the same as actually going to school. 

We, both students and teachers alike, need to be in school. We need to see each other…we need social interactions with our classmates, friends and teachers.

I think I can speak for most everyone that In-Person learning is way better than Online.