Virtual: An Opinion


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Boy at home having online class with his teacher . His mother is helping him

Natalya Batista, Staff Writer

Since 2019 we have all been in a pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Throughout the full 3 years it’s been hard for adults to be able to go into work and do their job, as well as for students to go into a school building and be able to learn in person. Going “virtual” as it pertains to education, is very hard and annoying.

The first time I went virtual was at the end of my 7th grade year until my 8th grade year.

When we finally went back to school we only went half day, or the administration had to set days up for certain students to go that way the full school wasn’t going all at the same time.

Having to go through all of that was very hard, it’s like you’re in person then back online and you just lose track of everything which is very hard. For my whole 8th grade year that’s how things went, until 2 months before the school year finished and that was when everyone was allowed in the building.

It was hard to see friends, be able to work on projects, have lunch together…and of course, we were all stuck wearing masks.

Starting freshman year, thank God, we were able to come into the school building instead of staying virtual, although we had to follow certain rules to keep everyone safe…yes, it still worked out until we had our holiday/Christmas break and the numbers started to go back up.

We had to go virtual once again for another week. I feel that learning in person makes everything easier. While students are home they get lazy, and I am one of those students.

In person it’s way easier, why?

You have amazing teachers who are teaching you up front in class and are able to come next to you to be able to guide you and help you with anything.

Now that we are back into the building after being virtual for another week i think it’s much easier, and as long as students and staff continue to follow the rules to keep everyone safe I know we will still be in the building…hopefully to get the 100% learning we need.