Opinion: What if YOU Were Principal

Opinion: What if YOU Were Principal

Gianna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Clarion decided to have a little fun, asking HHS students the following question: ” What would you do if  you were the principal of Hawthorne High School”?

If you’re a student, you will probably agree with most of these responses. Let’s find out what most of these kids had to say!

The Clarion : What would you do if  you were the principal of HHS?


Christian  Orozco: If I was the principal and found myself in charge of you guys then I would make sure school starts at 12:00pm. Then I would make sure that teachers only assign one assignment per week. Everyone should also be able to go out for lunch, not just seniors. The last thing I would do is make things easier for people who drive, like better parking . 

Donall Escobar :  In my opinion,  I would change the start time of school…8:30 would work. I would also not make juniors not take the NJGPA test.

Arijana Sulejmani  : I would make sure that everybody has a free week off of school without it being on your record. I think that being able to take time off for yourself is very important and taking time to focus on your mental and physical health is very important too. 

Natlaya Batista: If I was in charge then I would make sure the students feel safe in their environment. I would also make  sure the classrooms are bigger and have AC. The school should let the students leave at 1:00 so that they have more time to enjoy themselves after school. 

Kate Nadirashville: In my opinion , I would make all the students’ lunches free, especially snacks.  School events like dances , bake sales, and bonfires would  happen more often!

Ariana Benitez: The first thing I would do if I was the head of the school is for teachers to give less homework and make sure the tests are all open notebook. I would also make sure that if there is a problem I will be there with an open mind and make sure all of the students feel comfortable.