Student Section Club


Dylan Cambian, Staff Writer

Sports are a big part of the high school experience.

Whether you are a freshman, a new student to the district, or a senior in their last year at Hawthorne High, you probably know what a football game is like here.

There is a loud student section, many parents screaming, and dozens of people around the snack stand. Being a part of the student section is the second most fun part of sports events here at HHS besides actually playing the sport!

However, as a student that has gone to multiple sporting events at the school, I can’t help but notice that even at our home games our student section is usually outnumbered by our opponents student section. Well, I have an idea to help give our sports team a lot more support from the students.

How about a “Student Section Sports Club.”

The Student Section Sports Club (I am open to better and exciting new names!) would be open for all high school grade levels to join. All sports schedules would be posted on a Google Classroom. Themes would be posted there as well.

I feel like a problem we have is that when our student section does have a theme, some students don’t know what the theme is. Making a Google Classroom and keeping it updated would make our student section look a lot more organized.

Poster ideas can also be posted as optional assignments for people willing to volunteer to create and distribute them.

I think if the school gets enough people who would like to join the club, sports would be much more exciting for students, athletes, and parents. If about the same amount of people who went to the state games went to regular season games, school morale would be much higher…and that’s the main reason for this club. Not just to get more people at Hawthorne home games, but to increase school spirit. More people going to the games and participating in the themes would mean more school spirit. 

The student section club would also create new themes for our sports. The only sport at our school that still has themes is football. No other fall sport has themes for their home games, (volleyball and boys/ girls soccer). A way to get people to go to the games would be to announce the themes more and to allow students to participate in the theme during school the day of a home game or even let the students vote on a theme.

For example: There is a football home game this Friday. The student section Google Classroom would have posted the game time and theme options for students to vote on. After the results are finalized the theme will be posted and on Friday students will get to participate in the theme during school.

Poster ideas would also be posted. Students getting involved in the themes in school would be like a mini pep rally. The excitement in the air would change drastically seeing a whole hallway of students dressed in white for a home football game, a whole classroom filled with neon colors for a volleyball game, or almost everyone in the lunchroom dressed in USA theme for a home soccer game.

This is something that can continue for the whole school year and years after that. All we need is a handful of teachers who can help and a lot of students who want to support the HHS Bears.