Ms. Bernardo: The Newest Italian Teacher

Andrew Gomez and Melissa Martin

Hawthorne High School is happy to have a new Italian teacher, Ms. Cinzia Bernardo. Her students enjoy the energy that she brings into the classroom. “The Clarion” writers, Andrew Gomez and Melissa Martin, both students in her class, decided to find out what her ambitions are for this year, her first year of teaching.

Clarion: How do you feel about teaching here at Hawthorne High School?
Ms. Bernardo:  It feels very good, I always dreamed of being an Italian teacher. I am aiming mainly to be a full time teacher, and teach more than just two classes. I am very fortunate that the students I teach are good kids.  I feel good about this year because it’s just the beginning, and my dreams are finally coming true.

Clarion: Which of the staff members have you made friends with?
Ms. Bernardo: I can be mostly found with my mentor, Mrs. Fusaro. I go to her for everything. I am also friends with Ms. Russo, too. She is easy going, so I feel comfortable talking to her. I’m still a little intimidated by the teachers’ lounge.

Clarion: How long did it take you to get used to the hallways of this school?
Ms. Bernardo: It took me a while; I did get lost the first couple of days trying to get to the classroom.

Clarion: Is this your first school you have worked in and are you excited to work here?
Ms. Bernardo: No; I was a substitute at another school (Hasbrouck Heights)…Here in HHS, it’s a better experience.

Clarion: What are some things you look forward to seeing/doing here at HHS?
Ms. Bernardo: I mostly look forward to the football games since they are so popular. I would like to support the other sports too. This is basically a learning experience for me. I mostly look for trust between me and my students. I want to get to know them better.

Ms Bernardo looks forward to teaching and helping her students in any way she can to give them the full experience. Her students enjoy being in her class due to her great personality and teaching skills, and it looks like a bright future in Ms. Bernardo’s career.