Ms. Russo: An Appreciation

Shakir Sakiri, Staff Writer

The Clarion caught up with Art teacher extraordinaire, Ms. Danielle Russo, for a quick Q & A.


Clarion Reporter:  When did you start teaching at Hawthorne High School?

Ms. Russo: I started working in 2001, after I graduated from college. I had a degree in both Studio Art and Art History and wanted to work in a museum…but after 9/11, jobs  were hard to find in New York, and I had to think twice about New York. This art position was open due to a sick leave of a former staff  member and they needed a substitute that knew art…so basically that’s how I started. I fell in love with teaching and went back to get my teaching certificate and that was 16 years ago.


Clarion Reporter:  What do you like about teaching?

Ms.Russo:  I like introducing all aspects of art to this age group…I like helping others and like enhancing the school environment, whether it’s creating murals in the halls or doing fun events through student council.


Clarion Reporter: What other hobbies do you have outside of school?

Ms. Russo: I paint, I like to ski in the winter, and Summer is my favorite because I love the beach and I enjoy paddle boarding.


Clarion Reporter: What’s your favorite thing to draw etc. ?

Ms. Russo: My favorite thing to draw are flowers.


Clarion Reporter: If you could switch careers what would it be?

Ms. Russo: I would be a gallery owner or planner.


Clarion Reporter: What is your favorite art piece?

Ms. Russo: “Pane to Pain”…It was a piece I did after 9/11, and there were all these happy accidents that happened in it, where it all came together. It was a special piece and wound up being in a group show in downtown New York.




Thank you Ms. Russo for all that you do here in Hawthorne High School!!