A Teacher’s Perspective: Mr. Hurley

Has it ever crossed your mind that the teachers teaching you now are the ones that used to be sitting in your same exact seats? It just so happened to cross our minds how hard these teachers worked to get into the position they are in today. To know a little bit more about these teachers backgrounds we took the chance to talk to one of the many teachers here that used to go to Hawthorne High School,  chemistry teacher Mr. James Hurley.
1. Describe your previous years spent here at HHS as a student.
  • My years at HHS were enjoyable.  I have to say that I am extremely glad that I got involved in a number of activities throughout my years because it caused me to grow as a person, as much as the classes I took helped me grow as a student.  I would not have enjoyed my time here half as much if I did not find the extracurricular activities that I enjoyed so much.  I made a lot of good friends and we had a lot of fun.
2. What were you associated with? any specific clubs? or extra curricular activities?
  •  For four years I was associated with cross country, track, the marching and concert band, class cabinet, and SHARE.  I worked the spotlights for the return of the school plays in the first production of Our Town and was the lighting director the following year in the school production. I also played one year of basketball.
3. what made you want to become a teacher?
  •  In two words…my mom.
 4. Did you always know that you wanted to become a teacher or did something spark your interest? like a teacher or a class you liked?
  • My mother is a teacher and I always had a passion for learning.  If I think back to a specific time that sparked my passion for teaching it would have to be when I tutored my sister for her college biology course.  She was never a science or math-minded student and it was a challenge getting her through her course, but it was a challenge that I enjoyed.
5. How has HHS changed in your perspective? Has it improved or stayed the same?
  • HHS has changed in many ways from my time as a student.  For one thing, there was no add drop rotating block schedule which was something most of the student body wanted during my time.  There is a lot more emphasis on technology and a wider selection of electives to choose from.