Teaching History the Wright Way


Aly Christie, Staff Writer

Ms. Hayley Wright has joined the Hawthorne High School teaching faculty as an American History II and III CP teacher. After her first two months of officially teaching here at HHS, The Clarion interviewed her to see her thoughts about the school and what her history is. Ms. Wright gladly participated in the interview and The Clarion is honored to share her thoughts.


Clarion:  What college did you attend and when did you graduate?

Ms. Wright:  I attended William Paterson University and I graduated in May 2014 with a degree in History and a degree in Secondary Education.

Clarion: Are you enjoying your time teaching so far at Hawthorne High School?
Ms. Wright:  I love teaching at Hawthorne High School. I have loved it here since I did my student teaching in 2014 and I never want to leave. I love this school, the staff, and the students. This is my dream school to work for.
Clarion: What are some of the challenges being a high school teacher?
Ms. Wright: Some challenges as a high school teacher would be adjusting to the new schedule this year and instilling an interest and curiosity in history in my students like my previous teachers have done for me.
Clarion: Where did you go to high school and do you have any fun memories?
Ms. Wright: I went to Lakeland Regional High School and I have many fun memories playing field hockey on the school team and going to football games on Friday nights.
Clarion: Why did you choose to teach history?
Ms. Wright: I always knew I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was little and I had really amazing social studies teachers in high school who really instilled a love for history in me. They made me want to constantly read and learn new facts and stories about history I never knew before.
Clarion: If you couldn’t be a teacher what would you be?
Ms. Wright: If I couldn’t be a teacher I would probably be doing something that has to do with historical artifacts and documents and preserving them and explaining their history and importance in a museum.