Get To Know Awilda Perez!


The Hawthorne High School staff are well known to students, but do the students know the familiar faces they see everyday at lunch? Today The Clarion will be interviewing one of our lunch ladies Awilda Perez. We’ll get to know how her schedule works, her thoughts on the two lunch system, and get to know some things about herself! The Clarion thanks Awilda Perez for giving us the opportunity to interview her. We thank the rest of the lunch staff for their hard work serving the students.


CLARION: Tell us some things about yourself.

AWILDA PEREZ: I am a very charming and spontaneous person to be around!  


CLARION: How many years have you been working here?

AWILDA PEREZ: I have been working here at Hawthorne High School for three years.


CLARION: Did you grow up here in Hawthorne? If not, where did you grow up?

AWILDA PEREZ: No, I did not grow up here in Hawthorne, I grew up in New York City.


CLARION: What are your thoughts on the split lunches?

AWILDA PEREZ: I feel like it’s better in a sense that the students have more room.


CLARION: How does your schedule work throughout the day?

AWILDA PEREZ: I come in early at 6 a.m., I help prepare the meals for all of the elementary schools, Lincoln Middle School, and then Hawthorne High School.


CLARION: What’s the most stressful thing about your job?

AWILDA PEREZ: Dealing with the ladies here hahaha!