Get to Know Ms.Harris!

Ms. Megan Harris has been teaching here at Hawthorne High School for over a year, teaching different levels of social studies. Here’s what she has to say!


Clarion– What do you do in your free time?

Harris– In my free time I enjoy many normal things people do. For example, I love to read. Most of the time I hang out with my friends, go to dinner or watch TV with them. Something else I enjoy, is being with my mom. My mom and I have a very good relationship and we do a lot of fun activities together.


Clarion–  Why did you choose to teach at Hawthorne High School?

Harris– When I was a student here, the teachers had a very positive impact on my learning career. They were the push I needed to pursue my career in education. Going here from freshman through senior year made me think about how I wanted to be able to influence students in the same way I was.


Clarion– How do you feel about the school?

Harris-I believe this school is a very close knit community. I am very proud to be a part of a school that participates in school fundraisers and activities. Along with the participation, there is a lot of support within the school, whether it is going to sporting events, or helping people in need.


Clarion– What is your favorite part of history?

Harris– My favorite part of history has to be the 60’s-90’s. This is my favorite part of history because I see the students are more involved within the work and discussions. One reason I believe this is true is because the era is much more relevant, students understand the lessons more, and because it can be more closely related to present day.