Get to Know James Garrison!


Angelina Antonucci, Editor

There are many new faces among the faculty and staff here at Hawthorne High School in 2019-2020. In an ongoing series of articles, The Clarion is proud to introduce James Garrison, who is a security guard here at Hawthorne High School…

THE CLARION: Tell us a little about yourself.

GARRISON: I grew up in Hawthorne. I graduated from here in 1983. I retired as a police officer in October 2018. I have two children. A daughter Amanda (27) and a son Matthew (21).


THE CLARION: What were you like as a student?

GARRISON: I was slightly above average. I enjoyed my time here. I could have probably taken my student career more seriously…that is probably one of my biggest regrets. I played football, soccer, baseball, and tennis.


THE CLARION: What was your favorite part of the school or experience?

GARRISON: I enjoyed the student body that was a lot of fun and I enjoy interacting with students. I did not have an opportunity to do DARE or ROAR.