Interview: Mr. Foley


Gianna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Here at Hawthorne High School, there have been some new faces added to throughout the year, but the new teachers/ subs that have been added haven’t had their chance to introduce themselves. In this is article you will get a chance to meet and get to know one of the news faces added to the HHS faculty. The Clarion interviewed Mr. Foley to get to know him and why he decided to come to HHS.


The Clarion : How did you start your career in education?

Mr. Foley:  I started off  substituting and I wanted to get my foot in the door just to get more involved in teaching in the school community. I got a great chance to sub for a couple of history classes and that’s how I got my chance.


The Clarion : Why did you start teaching ? 

Mr. Foley: I started to teach because  I liked to teach and I like history. So when I get to work with students , I get to share my passion for history .  Getting the opportunity to pass on my love for history is what got me interested in teaching and I get to spend all day talking about what I like.


The Clarion : What are some challenges of teaching? 

Mr: Foley : Some challenges are that some classes are more engaged, but some aren’t so engaged…Some people don’t care about the subject they’re learning. But there’s some classes where the students are more quiet and are eager to participate. But the good part about teaching is I get to watch students improve their progress. Watching the students develop skills is very rewarding to me. Even though it has its challenges.


The Clarion : Why do you like teaching ?

Mr. Foley : It’s really fun planning out activities and it’s fun for the students. I like taking something that is really boring and making it into something students enjoy. 


The Clarion : What do you hope for in the future? 

 Mr. Foley : I want to see myself take on more classes and teach at the AP level. I would also like to teach a wide variety of subjects. But being able  to teach AP classes  would be a really good experience for me.


The Clarion : Why did you choose this job at HHS?

Mr Foley: I had another job before it was an office job and I liked it a lot but I knew that I would be kicking myself if I didn’t give teaching a try. Even  though I thought it was very intimidating, I  took the chance and I absolutely love it!