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Senior Spotlight: Chasidee Lynn Lopez

Gabriella Van Sickell, Editor

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“Senior Spotlight” will be an ongoing series throughout the school year, highlighting graduating seniors and their thoughts about their time here at Hawthorne High School and as it comes to a close.  Next up is senior Chasidee Lynn Lopez.


Clarion: When did it first sink in that this is your last year here at Hawthorne High School?

Chasidee: I would have to say it hit me at the end of my junior year. I passed all my finals and I was like only one more year left.


Clarion: Who are your favorite teachers?

Chasidee: I have a lot of favorites here at HHS: Ms. Miller, Ms. Clifford, Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Livingston, Ms. G and Ms. Schlossberg.


Clarion: How has HHS changed since your freshman year?

Chasidee: The lunches changed. I hate how they are separate now…I can’t see all my friends and that bugs me.


Clarion: What’s your favorite memory from Hawthorne High School?

Chasidee: Being the school mascot is my favorite memory. I loved the attention and showing school spirit.


Clarion: What are your plans for the future?

Chasidee: I want to be a medical examiner then go into the army to be a doctor.


Clarion: If you could talk to your freshman self what would you tell her?

Chasidee: Your are going to grow and make it to 5 feet tall, study harder, don’t procrastinate and it is going to get better.


Clarion: What is something you want to do before you graduate?

Chasidee: I want to find this pool that seniors were telling me about during my freshman year.

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Senior Spotlight: Chasidee Lynn Lopez