Senior Spotlight: Vanessa Fernandez


Shakira Peterson, Staff writer

“Senior Spotlight” will be an ongoing series throughout the school year, highlighting graduating seniors and their thoughts about their time here at Hawthorne High School and as their final year here comes to a close. Next up is senior Vanessa Fernandez.


Clarion: What lesson/lessons have you learned here at Hawthorne High School?

Vanessa: High school has taught me that not all friends are forever, but memories are…so you need to make the best of it.


Clarion: When did it finally sink in that this is your last year here at HHS?

Vanessa: It recently sunk in when I realized that there are only 3 months left until prom…which is crazy thought!


Clarion: If you have to choose who’s your favorite teacher/teachers?

Vanessa: My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Ambrose because he’s such a cool and laid back teacher.


Clarion: What are your plans for the future?

Vanessa: I plan on attending either Rutgers or Seton Hall to pursue my law career.


Clarion: If you could talk to your freshman self what advice would you give her?

Vanessa: I would tell my freshman self to work to my fullest potential and join different clubs because it looks good on your resume. Enjoy high school while you can and make the best of it…because in a blink of an eye you’ll be walking down the track getting ready to get your diploma.


Clarion: Did you play any sports here at HHS?

Vanessa: I played volleyball my junior and senior year and I’m glad I was able to be a part of the team.


Clarion: What has been your best memory here at HHS?

Vanessa: My favorite memory of HHS would have to be the speedball tournament suring my sophomore year.