Senior Spotlight: Kianna Jimenez

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Senior Spotlight: Kianna Jimenez

Shakira Peterson, Staff writer

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“Senior Spotlight” will be an ongoing series throughout the school year, highlighting graduating seniors and their thoughts about their time here at Hawthorne High School and as it comes to a close. Next up is senior Kianna Jimenez.


Clarion: Where do you see yourself after leaving high school?

Kianna: I see myself in college studying to be a psychologist.


Clarion: What’s your favorite memory here at HHS?

Kianna: My favorite memory hands down has to be Superstars. We had so much fun whether we lost or won.


Clarion: How is your senior year different from your freshman year here at HHS?

Kianna: As a freshman, my friend group was a lot bigger than it is now as a senior. As I grew, I began to realize who my real friends were.


Clarion: If you can choose, who is your favorite teacher here at HHS?

Kianna: My favorite teacher has to be Mr. Ambrose…you’ve got to love him!!


Clarion: Any advice for incoming freshmen?

Kianna: If I could give advice to the incoming freshman it would be to not be afraid…it’s not as scary as you think. Make sure to get involved in all the fun clubs and activities our high school has to offer. Work your hardest and stay away from drama. Also, make sure to have fun and don’t wish your high school days away!!


Clarion: What is something you want to do before graduating high school?

Kianna: Before I leave high school I want to make sure I say bye to all of my teachers that helped me through these rough years of my life.


Clarion: Do you have any last words?



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