Senior Spotlight: Christopher Larosa


Karen Delgado and Yamilka Martinez

Like in the “real” world, school tends to group students into stereotypes.

As in every high school the seniors are categorized: there are the jocks, the popular group and maybe the not so popular group. Here in HHS we have a small range of students who still fall under these stereotypes. Our friend Christopher Larosa is one of these students, here for our Senior Spotlight.

Christopher, or “YOUNG CHOLO” as he is mostly known by, was on our football team and wrestling team. Aside from school, Chris is a very hard working young man. His nickname, YOUNG CHOLO, is his rapper name! When he isn’t getting his school work done (or working) he is spending time in the studio.


Clarion Reporter: How would you describe your experience at HHS?

Christopher Larosa: Very exciting and very different. I would say it all went by very fast.


Clarion Reporter: Which year would you say is your favorite?

Chris: Freshman year definitely, because I didn’t have that many responsibilities.


Clarion Reporter: What year would you say was your most stressful?

Chris: Probably junior year…junior year I was stressing about catching up on grades.


Clarion Reporter: What’s the one thing you think you’re going to miss from your time in HHS?

Chris: I think the teachers to be honest. Mostly Miss Murphy…she was my favorite teacher and she is always there to lighten up someone’s mood.


Christopher is very well known in Hawthorne overall because of how outgoing and friendly he is. We wish him the best of luck in his future, especially in his rapping career!